From the mid-nineteenth century until the present day, the Goodyear System (Goodyear Welted), the invention of Charles Goodyear, is the manufacturing method regarded as synonymous with quality by all experts, and which is used by the most prestigious footwear companies in the world. This system requires the use of the best materials and the great skill and dexterity of the craftsman who undertakes same. Its over 200 processes, almost all these entirely manual, require more expertise and effort than those used in the manufacture of traditional footwear. The hours spent and the necessary skill of the shoemaker, greatly increases the value of the shoe, but assure us that, upon finishing, we will find a shoe and footwear that borders on perfection.


Goodyear manufacturing is the traditional method of affixing a sole to the upper part of the boot in order to obtain a union through a continuous circular double-stitched seam. With the use of a welt (strip of leather), via the stitching using a thread of considerable thickness, the insole (bottom part of the shoe) is affixed to the upper (top part or uppers). This welt completely skirts the perimeter of the boot, therefore leaving all three parts affixed together as if it were a single piece. The inner stitching will be hidden between the upper part and the welt, only the outer seam being visible.


Once this step is completed, the excess leather is cut or polished, and the truly special operation of this method commences. Between the innersole and sole a hot cork filling is applied. This process is the one which later endow outstanding comfort to our boots. After a short period of use, the cork takes the shape of our foot, creating a true "anatomical insole". However, we still have yet to reinforce the structure, applying the shoe shank (piece of metal that runs along from the middle of the heel to the beginning of the metatarsus). In addition to ensuring the proper shape for the cork paste, confers stability when walking, once the boot is completed.


In the next step, a piece of leather is applied which functions as a sole, which will also be stitched to the welt, along its entire perimeter. With this very special stitching process and the use of quality materials, footwear which is totally insulated from heat and moisture, with great durability and resistance is obtained. Furthermore, the use of cork imbues it with that very characteristic customised footprint, as following approximately one week of use, the cork will acquire the shape of the sole of our foot, adapting itself to one's footprint. What remains to be done is to inspect the details and apply the most comprehensive quality controls, in order to supply the footwear that we are very proud of. For the purposes of offering Perlita Peaches.

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