Perlita Peaches is created from tradition in the manufacture of Spanish quality footwear with a clear and defined "TREND FUSION" objective, making the COWBOY BOOTS an option for the most urban and casual looks. From the embryo of the brand to the conceptualisation of all our products, always present in the minds of our designers is a woman with personality, who is able to break away from established norms and with the freedom to imagine her own styles. The Perlita woman defines herself, without norms nor stereotypes, without defined icons which tell her how she should dress or behave. A real woman who walks with steady steps and a clear direction.


Such a woman does not merely content herself with any old thing. That's why in Perlita Peaches we have branded the values of quality, both in raw materials as well as in production systems. Values which tell a story of commitment, professionalism and love for what we do. Certain values represented in our master craftsmen who, with their skill and commitment, which ensures making possible that special character of Perlita Peaches, and which manages to make our boots veritable works of art.

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